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Sophie's Bat Mitzvah
Beautiful celebration of life with the closest people.
Celebration of Life
Alan and Alina Created A Fairy Tail On The Day Of Their Daughter's 3rd Birthday
The bat mitzvah is a special Jewish coming-of-age ceremony, usually marking the transition from childhood to adulthood. It's also a milestone point in a girl's life, marking the start of her pre-marriage contract with God. But it can also be an important event for parents and relatives, as well as for the girl herself.
The bat mitzvah celebration is a little like a wedding reception. The young woman typically has to make herself presentable for a night out with friends and family, and she must learn how to dance gracefully — just like everyone does at their own wedding. And she should dress up in her beautiful white dress (there's usually some precedent for this), but she should also look like herself, not like a bride or someone who's trying too hard.
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