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Family Portrait
We love to capture the best memories of friends and family by being professional, fun, and reliable. We honor you and your story with every photo we take.
We love bright and expressive moments, spending all day with happy couples, family participate in their special moment of live
Family portraits are important.
Some of us have them in frames on the wall, or printed out and stashed in a box for safekeeping. Some of us look at them every morning when we get ready for work. But do you ever really look at your photos?

We all take pictures of our families, but it's hard to remember how much goes into making the perfect shot. It takes the right lighting, the right angle, and a good deal of time and patience.

Too often, people take a picture that they'll just end up throwing away because they're not satisfied with it. But there are so many things you can do to make sure that never happens!

Our photographers know exactly what to look for: they'll use light sources to enhance your features and make your skin glow, they'll make sure that the right amount of light is hitting your face, and they'll adjust their camera settings to create an image that is worthy of hanging on the wall—or displaying on a phone screen.

You deserve pictures you love!
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Why choose us?
Photography company that trusted by more than 500 families all over Los Angeles area.
Our people are always ready to answer your questions regarding photography and cinematography. How to get ready, how to pick the best venue, location or look for photography session, etc...
We are ready for you
From our family to yours. More than 4 years of Family photography and Cinematography. We cherish our quality and traditions working with families so our client could get delivered the most satisfied results.
Client - family portrait
When we could see the Family Photo Point book of my family finished , I was totally surprised and happy ! Every part of the shooting was natural, like our real life is.
Xenia is like a friend, while she told us her camera never stopped shooting. Very professional and sensitive.
Now we have perfect memories of our summer.
Thank you so much, all my friends will call you for sure.
Client - family portrait
Amazing! That's perfect family memories, we love it so much! Great creative all details, sound and natural atmosphere. We've been watching over and over.. Thank you so much for you gave us such a wonderful experience and amazing memories!
Family photo point made a family portrait for my family. I can say it is our best summer memories! Xenia did a great job: she sent us ideas, prepared props and was so nice and professional through the photo session. And she told us to prepare a little fun story about our family, so after the photoshoot she took a short video with us telling this story.
We received our pictures in 2 weeks in the absolutely gorgeous little box with USB and prints in there. Also, we got a short video with a cute moment and out story on a background. I couldn`t be happier to share this cool pictures with my family and friends now! Thank you Family photo point, I would love every family getting the same photography experience as my family did!
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